Beygü Gökçin


Beygü Gökçin is a multi-talented artist who was born in Izmir. His artworks which are usually on canvas, reflect his love of life; free spirit and search for harmony. There appears to be no limits to his wish to enrich himself and to be part of everything that is this world. His range of experiences and intense interests are reflected in his paintings. Gökçin’s affection and sensitivity to the environment is evident in his stylized “Dance of Whales” and the “Sun Dance”. His burning desire is for humankind to wake up and look beyond their immediate borders.

Although an optimist, he is deeply aware of the threats of nuclear technology. His desire to celebrate the multi-dimensions of life and universal ideals and themes while expressing the joys and dissapointments of life as well as its unchangeable realities, makes up the basic language of his colorful abstract and symbolic art. He is especially intrigued by systems created by human beings and the mysteries of nature and the universe. Because of his love and value for life and nature, he hopes to leave a better world for the next generation full of love and world peace. His sense of adventure, discovery and responsibility eminates from his lively personality and is one of the driving forces of his motivation and expression. He hopes that, people who purchase his art works will appreciate them by sharing his concerns and interests in life.

After spending 17 years in Austria/Vienna, he plans to stay and work in Istanbul and achive a number of international ambitious art projects. His artworks are placed in a several private art collecters all over the world; Ankara, Istanbul, Athens, Baku, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, London, Stockholm, NewYork, Washington DC.

Beygü Gökçin has also bestowed two paintings as a gift for President Barak Obama and his family (2010) which are presently in the US National Archive. He has also given an inspiring work of art as a gift to the past prime minister of Greece, Mr. Yorgo Papandreu (2001).

His last art exhibition was in 2012 December, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Media City, UAE/Dubai